Music frees you from the confines of everyday life, transporting you through a series of dreamy landscapes, before dropping you safely back at your starting point. As each performance begins, there is a land of opportunity ahead — a land of musical opportunity. Who knows where you’ll go and what might happen?


You can think of Dave Wright and The Band of Opportunity: There and Gone as an exploration of our world as a musical journey. Many of the songs on the album were written at amazing locations around the world to capture the flavor of that special place.

How did this come about? Through travel to great places of the world with a Martin Backpacker guitar, an open mind, and time to absorb mood impressions while playing. And then a great band to make the music come alive.

Listen to The Band of Opportunity as they play this genre-bending, location-bending jazz, doing their best to channel the beauty of our world through music.


Dave Wright – acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, electric bass (on Las Montañas de Joao & Cloud Splitter)
Ryan Muchard – drums, percussion
Doug Fien – acoustic and electric bass
Philippe Lewalle – keyboards

Produced by Dave Wright. Recorded at Studio X, New York. Cover art: silkscreen “Winter, spring, summer and fall” by Doris B Wright.

Special thanks to Ryan and Doug for suggesting we form a band to play this music, and to the guys for being all in for the effort. What a great opportunity! I wasn’t going to say no.

Click the song names below to see photos of where in the world each song was written:




1. Sixteen Feet Under (Wright)  [complete track]

2. Cruz del Sur (Wright)  [complete track]

3. Sun-Bird (Wright)  [complete track]

4. There and Gone (Wright)  [complete track]

5. What You See and What You Do (Wright)  [complete track]

6. Cloud Splitter (Wright)  [complete track]

7. Las Montañas de Joao (Wright)  [complete track]

8. Queen of Syracuse (Wright)  [complete track]

9. Amian (Wright)  [complete track]

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Wednesday, July 10, 6:30–8:00:  Faircraft Brauhaus, Fairport, NY
Friday, June 21, 7:00–10:00:  Vine and Tap, 4768 Lake Ave, Rochester
Wednesday, February 28, 6:30–8:00:  Faircraft Brauhaus, Fairport, NY
Saturday, September 30, 7:00–9:00:  Faircraft Brauhaus, Fairport, NY
Friday, August 4, 7:00–9:00:  Faircraft Brauhaus, Fairport, NY
Thursday, July 20, 7:00–9:00
 The Little Theater, Rochester, NY
Thursday, June 22, 7:00–9:00:  The Little Theater, Rochester, NY
Spring 2023:  Away traveling to the Galapagos and high Andes in Ecuador
Friday, March 31, 7:00–9:00:  The Little Theater, Rochester, NY
Saturday, February 25, 7:00–9:00:  Faircraft Brauhaus, Fairport, NY
Mid-January – February:  Away traveling to Antarctica and Argentinean Patagonia
Friday, October 21, 7:00–9:00:  Faircraft Brauhaus, Fairport, NY
Thursday, Oct. 13, 7:00–8:00:  WGMC 90.1 Live Studio Concert Series [broadcast live on the air]
Late August – mid-September:  Away trekking to the basecamp of K2 in the Himalayas, Pakistan
Saturday, August 20, 7:30–9:00:  Faircraft Brauhaus, Fairport, NY
Thursday, July 7, 7:00–8:30:  Faircraft Brauhaus, Fairport, NY
Friday, May 27, 5:30–8:30:  Abilene Bar and Lounge, Rochester, NY  *HAPPY HOUR*
Check back soon for more live dates!
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